About US

ECP Consulting, founded by Elvan Kantar and Alpaslan Kartal, commenced its operations within the year 2015 in Istanbul.

Elvan Kantar was born in 1978 in Germany, has great command of German, English and Dutch, intermediate level in Arabic and Ghana’s local language Twi also as Gambia’s local language Mandinka. He studied economic information, was active within the telecommunication sector for the past 20 years. He has been working within the telecommunication sector in Africa, since the year 2010. He has vast knowledge in political, demographic, anthropological and historical statuses of African countries. Alpaslan Kartal was born in 1977 in Sakarya. He has played football for 17 years and may be a graduate of Marmara University Department of PR. He can speak English and Turkish. Alpaslan Kartal is liable for the company’s activities in Turkey.

ECP Consulting has become effective in most Africa and therefore the Middle East during a short 2 years. It provides exclusive consultancy services for high-level Turkish companies that undertake infrastructure and superstructure projects abroad. ECP Consultancy aims to seek out the foremost suitable and profitable projects and offer them to the investor. It stands by the businesses from the approval of the project up to the turnkey process and provides the needed support. It helps the corporate it serves in subjects like finding means of financing, local worker procurement and completing bureaucratic works.

Thanks to its staff and powerful local contacts in Africa, it obtains the foremost accurate information regarding the projects and commerce opportunities therein region. Elvan Kantar’s personal acquaintances at the extent of head of the state and ministers in Africa contribute to the procurement of the projects for the businesses being served. Excellent direct contacts to African Ministers in several countries. We all know Africa from Demographic, Ethnically and also Cultural Side. We are very connected in Europa, Africa, and Asia good network.